Why "Extra Fruity Compote" and not fruit "jam" or "preserve"?
According to national legislation  "jams" or "preserves" must  contain a percentage of fruit of no less than  20%.
Where  the percentage of fruit contained in the jam or preserve reaches 45% or more, these "jams" or "preserves" may be defined "Extra Fruity" .
The "Fruit Compote" differs from  "jam" and from "fruit preserve" because the fruit content, by law, must  exceed 65%.
The Alpes d'OC Morinesio Extra Fruity Compote contains  70% of the specific fruit indicated on the jar and  30% cane sugar.

The Extra Fruity Compote is prepared according to the simplest and most ancient recipe: the fruit is left to macerate, then simmered in the traditional way  with the sole addition of cane sugar (max 30%), without adding pectin, colourings, preservatives, gluten or anything else.
These characteristics confer on Alpes d’OC Morinesio Extra Fruity Compote the highest quality and a  flavour and scent which are unmatched.
They are suitable for  those suffering from food intolerances and allergies.

The Alpes d’OC Morinesio Extra Fruity Compote is delicious with roasts and with boiled meat, with  cheeses whether soft or mild,  medium-matured  or fully matured  (typically with Castelmagno). It can be enjoyed at breakfast and as a snack spread on bread and  crispbakes. On its own as a dessert, as a filling for tarts  and baked goods in general. It can also accompany  ice cream and yogurt.


It is very useful for its astringent properties, it protects the capillaries of the retina and is refreshing.
Particularly effective in converting proteins into energy and combating tiredness. Such properties favour, especially in the male population, an increase in energy levels and in manly vigour.
Blackcurrant is pharmacologically relevant because of its anti-inflammatory properties, which make it particularly effective against illnesses brought by winter season; furthermore, it is warmly recommended against respiratory tract irritations caused by spring allergies. Due to cortisol stimulation, blackcurrant can be helpful to reduce your muscle fatigue as well as inflammations of joints, back or first symptoms of arthritis. Finally, the plant is indicated to eliminate different kinds of toxins.


Redcurrant is recommended in many diets because of its health benefits. In the kitchen, you can use it to make compotes, jellies, juices, smoothies and jams, but it can also be matched with salads, side dishes and sauces.  
This fruit contains vitamin C (natural antioxidant, very powerful to help the human body to get stronger against infectious agents) and folic acid, two key substances to keep you healthy, useful to prevent anemia as well. Redcurrant has vitamins A and E, that enhance to slow down the ageing process of the skin.
The consumption of redcurrant is considered particularly effective to prevent venous thrombosis, a potentially fatal disease. Redcurrant has a large number of other beneficial properties and medical and phytotherapeutic uses: it is an excellent antipyretic and it favorites the removal of uric acid during the treatments for kidney stones and gout. It is also a soft laxative and metabolism stimulant.
Redcurrant juice is a natural remedy that takes care of the working model of your body outside – especially against skin irritations – and inside – it is full of antioxidants that help your organism to recover energy and wellness.   


Raspberries have different beneficial properties: particularly, they perform an anticancer function because of the vitamin C, and they are well known for their anti-inflammatory features.
Moreover, raspberry is a diuretic fruit, refreshing, depurative, that corroborates to strengthen your body immunity and raises your energies; very often, pregnant women are suggested to consume raspberries, which reinforce the elasticity of blood vessels of fetus due to the intake of folic acid and vitamin P.
Finally, the leaves of raspberry plants, full of tannins, have powerful healing properties.