Morinesio - Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Morinesio - Ruata Valle - Cucchiales - Morinesio

Snow shoes
Walking time: 1,5 - 2 hours
Difficulty: easy, follow the indications
Altitude difference: 120 m

What in the summer is an easy walk round Morinesio, in the winter becomes a magic path through the hamlets.
We suggest you to leave from the road that runs along Morinesio and that takes you east to Saint Mary’s sanctuary; and come down following the indications for Ruata Valle. Walking through the hamlet’s houses , take the path that leads you back to Morinesio; once you are back on the winding tarmac road, pass on the path that takes you from the woods to Cucchiales. After the church entering the hamlet, walk through the houses up to the road that takes you back into Morinesio.

Morinesio - Cucchiales - Side of Luisier - Slopes of Monte Bettone

Walking time: 3 – 4 hours

Difficulty: hiking
Altitude difference: 370 m

From the road that runs along Morinesio, proceed west towards Cucchiales. From here keep walking along the path that takes you into the larch woods and runs along the Lusier slope; after an upward slope, the route levels out until you get to the road that connects Rio Martino to Elva ( in case of heavy snowfalls the route is not open to traffic).

At the third bend (the seconds on the your right), a short path leads you down to a shepherd barn with a beautiful view on the Bettone mountain’s slope, on the Elva Cliffs and on the Chersogno mountain. Back on the road for Elva, if you wish you can go back to the Bettone hill, with a panoramic view on the Maira Valley.

To return go back the way you came.