Best trips:

“The cannon road” toward the Camoscere Lake.

An altitude path, without important altitude differences, is a terrace on the Cozie Alps and Piedmonts lowlands.
The way is completely in the sun, from Morinesio (1466 m) you go up towards.  Elva and the Colle delle Cavalline (1941 m), and still towards the Colle di Sampeyre (2284 m). The view is fascinating, the Monviso dominates at north,  we can see on the left the cannon road that takes us up to the Colle della Bicocca (2285), where the path ends. The track now takes us up to the Camoscere Lake (2644 m), in the small valley between the Pelvo d’Elva and Mount Chersogno.

“The cannon road” toward the Cuneese lowlands.
From the Colle di Sampeyre you can take on the right a path, that divides the Valley Maira and Varaita, towards Rastcias – Birrone – Ciabra from where you can reach the peak of mount Roccerè, famous for its rupestrian inscriptions (coppelle), and for its breathless view down to Turin, the Langhe, mount Cervino and Mount Rosa.
From the Colle della Ciabra , the path turns into a road and it takes you down to the lowlands: The Valmala Sanctuary, Moun San Bernardo, Roccabruna and Dronero, The Colle Liretta and Villar San Costanzo, the Colletta di Rossana and Busca. Each choice is a labyrinth of paths and tracks take drive you into the freshness of the woods, with many new routes to discover.

“The Gardetta ring”
A classic and panoramic view  of the Maira Valley in the tour of Gardetta. It requires a more difficult and important altitude difference, but once you reach the top you can ride on military paths for nearly 20 Km above 2000 m s.l. 
From Morinesio you descend to Stroppo and you practically reach Ponte Marmora’s crossroad and take the way towards Marmora Canosio.
We suggest to take the slope in the Marmora’s Vallone, it is longer but even, and you can take a stop to see the Resile Lake, a very peacefull place at a few minutes from the road.
You reach the crossroad with the Grana Valley, with the Colle di Esischie e il Colle Fauniera (of the Dead) where you can see Marco Pantani’s pillar. He was one of the most famous riders of the Giro d’Italia.
A quick slope down the Arma ‘s Vallone (Stura Valley) that takes to the Colle di Valcavera where the tarmac finishes. The path continues along the Bandia table-land, where we find the obsolete military barracks .
Along the same way you reach the Colle della Margherina and you cross southern slope of the Gardetta table land, with the Rocca la Maja that dominates the whole view. A diversion takes you to the Rifugio and Passo della Gardetta, from where you can see the savage and unique view of the Oronaje mountains and the topo of the Unerzio Valley (Acceglio). We return from the Colle del Preit, we descend to Ponte Marmora and we close the ring.

"Ponte Marmora - Chiappera" 
Easy trip through the paths in the woods, that in the winter become the Maira Valley cross country skiing paths.
From Ponte Marmora you reach Prazzo, Maddalena’s  hamlet, Frere of Acceglio, Ponte Maira, Saretto and Chiappera, you keep walking along the Provenzale  - Castello till the path ends, on the fields where you can see theValley and the Stroppia falls.

Other trips:

Sentiero "A spass per lou viol" di Elva.
Vallone di Traversiera e Madonna delle Grazie di Acceglio.
Colle Intersile e Costa Chiggia di Marmora.
Vallone del Tibert a Celle Macra.
Traversata Celle Macra - Combamala di San Damiano Macra
Vallone San Michele di Prazzo - Grange Chiotti
Vallone di Unerzio: Chialvetta, Prato Ciorliero - Colle Ciarbonet