Our crops grow exclusively on mountain soil, in Valle Maira, at heights of between 620 m. and  1,500 masl., according to the type of  crop grown. At 1,500 metres above sea level, on the sunny slopes of  Mount Nebin, we grow: raspberries, redcurrants  and blackcurrants. At 700 m. on the gentle, sun-blessed inclines of the Picco di Dronero estate we grow: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, chestnuts, hazelnuts anda asparagi. At 620 m. in the pleasant, sunny fields of the  Pratavecchia di Dronero estate we grow: apricots, Santa Clara plums and asparagi.

Processing its fruit, Alpes d'OC Morinesio produces Extra Fruity Compotes and smoothies with fruit grown on the mountain. The Alpes d’OC Morinesio Extra Fruity Compote is an absolutely excellent product, a delight, like home-made compote: genuine, rich, tasty, of the highest quality, made of fruit with a little bit of sugar. No additives nor preservatives are added.

The Alpes d’OC Morinesio Extra Fruity Compotes are available in the following formats:

jars  of 210, 320, 630 and of 1850 grams

jars of 210 and 320 grams

jars of 210 and 320 grams

jars  of 320 and of 1850 grams

Santa Clara Plums:
jars of 210 and 320 grams

To be consumed preferably within 24 months.

Direct sale on the farm :
- Via Picco Chiotti 37, Dronero, Valle Maira, CN
- Morinesio of Stroppo, Valle Maira, CN

Extra special fruit compotes

Why "Extra Fruity Compote" and not fruit "jam" or "preserve"?
According to national legislation  "jams" or "preserves" must  contain a percentage of fruit of no less than  20%.
Where  the percentage of fruit contained in the jam or preserve reaches 45% or more, these "jams" or "preserves" may be defined "Extra Fruity" .
The "Fruit Compote" differs from  "jam" and from "fruit preserve" because the fruit content, by law, must  exceed 65%.
The Alpes d'OC Morinesio Extra Fruity Compote contains  70% of the specific fruit indicated on the jar and  30% cane sugar.

The Extra Fruity Compote is prepared according to the simplest and most ancient recipe: the fruit is left to macerate, then simmered in the ...

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